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AJE Consulting can provide services for design, implementation and management of Microsoft Windows Networks. This includes physical and logical network topologies and recommend security and Firewall arrangements.

Networking Improves business productivity through: -

  • Connectivity and Communication
  • Data Sharing
  • Hardware Sharing
  • Internet Access and Sharing
  • Data Security and Management
  • Performance Enhancement and Balancing

We can deliver the highest quality networked solutions tailored to your individual requirements using the latest hardware and software.

Our networking services include:-

  • Design of Physical and Logical Network Topologies
  • Implementation and Management of Windows 2003 Server / Active Directory
  • Implementation and Management of Exchange Server 2003
  • Installation of Server and Client Software
  • Security, Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Solutions

Speak to us today and we will attempt to determine the best requirements and objectives for your Networked solution.

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